Alaska 2002 Home

Sun Princess

Yes, the cabins are like walk-in closets. However, you are not in the cabin except to sleep or shower. There are two beds, a small desk, closet, safe, small refrigerator and a shower. You can see the bathroom in the mirror in the picture.

You can eat on the ship 24-hours a day. There is a 24 hour food court on the 14th deck as well as two formal dining rooms on the 6th and 7th decks. Also, there is a pizza parlor, a hamburger grill and room service. The pictures are of the formal dining room kitchen that we toured.

When we arrived in Vancouver we watched them load pallet after pallet of supplies aboard the ship. They also took off other items.

About the Sun Princess

What I ate (dedicated to PME)

Finally the important stuff, What I ate. I ate approximately five times a day. I would have breakfast around 7 am and again when Anne got up at around 8:30. I ate lunch around noon in the dining room. I had a snack at the grill or pizza parlor around 3 and ice cream at 4:30.

Now here is what I had for dinner. These items came along with salad, appetizers, soup and desert.